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Thriving with ADHD Workbook for Teens by Allison Tyler, LCSW
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Discover the hidden powers behind your ADHD as you practice learning fun activities that help strengthen your focus, organization skills, and self-confidence. You’ll get to know yourself better and be more prepared to tackle everyday life.

Teenager with ADHD doing his homework on a laptop


Be your own CEO. Understand how to strengthen your executive function skills to help you organize, plan, react, and increase your focus.

Preteen with ADHD doing filling out his workbook


Learn new strategies to manage your time, organize your calendar and develop consistent habits to ensure success.

Two teenagers with ADHD doing homework on a device


Learn new ways to self-reflect so you can develop the insight to make adjustments and changes that will have lasting positive effects. Find your strengths and use them to help bolster your confidence to reach your personal goals.


Allison was a key part to us getting the services our child needed. She not only advocated for our child's needs but helped him to learn how to deal with challenging situations and helped us to learn how to better support him. 


Wayne, NJ

I loved working with Allison to learn more about my own ADHD and how it affects my work and my life in general. She was patient, flexible and taught me some valuable skills in easy to learn format. I felt more confident to tackle every day life after our work together.

Sara N.

Morristown, NJ

About Allison Tyler, LCSW

Allison Tyler, LCSW - The ADHD Strategy Mom

Allison K. Tyler, LCSW is an author and licensed clinical social worker who has specialized in working with children, teens and adults with ADHD over the course of her seventeen-year career. She graduated from New York University with her Master of Social Work degree in 2003; has a postgraduate certificate in Children and Families from Royal Holloway University in London, United Kingdom; and has a BA from Colby College.

Allison has developed a unique skills-based approach that she individualizes for each of her clients. When working with children and teens, Allison works in partnership with parents ensuring that parents feel supported, educated and more confident. Allison has completed Ross  Greene's advanced level training in collaborative problem-solving and incorporates the tenets of Dr. Greene's philosophy into all of her clinical work. 

In addition to her professional advocacy for those with ADHD, Allison is the parent of a child with ADHD. She enjoys connecting with parents over shared experiences and appreciates on a personal level the challenges of parenting a child with ADHD. 

When not working, Allison loves reading, listening to true crime podcasts and early morning workouts. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, son, daughter and Labradoodle.


Young boy that receives childhood ADHD consulting services

Childhood ADHD

  • Develop new skills such as coping strategies to increase frustration tolerance, becoming more socially flexible, and decreasing impulsive behaviors
  • Learn new parenting skills and ways of thinking about your child
  • Get parents on the same parenting page
  • Find ways to develop a calmer, more peaceful home atmosphere
  • Learn peaceful homework strategies/ hacks
  • Get assistance in asking for the most appropriate accommodations for IEP/504
Woman that receives adult ADHD consulting services

Adult ADHD

  • Instill confidence and tackle the feeling of disorganization and lack of focus
  • Prioritize actionable goals in a realistic way that is tailored for your lifestyle
  • Develop time management, organizational, clutter and focus skills
  • Learn strategies to harness hyper focus
  • Understand your strengths and begin to strengthen weaker areas
Teen that receives adolescent ADHD consulting services

Adolescent ADHD

  • Increase your teenager's independence
  • Learn skills to gain motivation and confidence
  • Increase attention and focus
  • Develop strategies for demanding homework schedules
  • Learn study strategies
  • Calm impulses
  • Improve relationships
  • Develop organizational strategies


Two parent with their daughter who are receiving ADHD consulting services for parents


  • Increase communication and connection with your child
  • Develop problem solving techniques that can be shared with your child
  • Learn how to prevent meltdowns and how to de-escalate emotionally stressful moments
  • Get on the same parenting page as your partner
  • Decrease yelling and 'threats' and increase the use of positive and motivational prompts
  • Support through the IEP process and shared consultation with schools/teachers/administrators
  • Help with sleep and bedtime issues
  • Support to develop healthy morning routines


Allison Tyler, LCSW - The ADHD Strategy Mom